A little about our herd

Strnad Land & Cattle are members of the American International Charolais Association and have registered cattle for sale. The sales include sire bulls and heifers. Only the best bull prospects from the herd are offered for sale. SLC takes great pride in selecting just the right genetics that will work for your commercial herd. SLC’s herd management is non-pampering. With grazing milo or corn stalks, and other feed grain residues. The bulls and heifers offered for sale are worked with daily and when they leave the farm for your ranch, you know that their disposition will work for you. The bulls are selected for disposition, performance and structural soundness. The herd sires presently used by SLC are chosen for low calving birth weights and higher weaning weight expectations.
If you have any questions, just give SLC a call!

More information will be updated soon!

Currently, our Herd Sires are:

2 Year Old Bulls:

CCC Blowing Cash 221 PLD M817382
EPD’s BW 2.0, WW 28, YW 50, Milk 16, MTL 30

CCC Blue Bud 309 PLD M833249
EPD’s BW –1.2, WW 26, YW 49, Milk 6, MTL 19

WC Rushmore 5233P M862088
EPD’s BW .1, WW 31, YW 58, Milk 20, MTL 35

SLC Unlimited Resource D001P M886603
EPD’s BW -0.6, WW 40, YW 66, Milk 14, MTL 34

TDS Turbo Rush D7P EM889255
EPD’s BW -2.7, WW 29, YW 51, Milk 15, MTL 29

SLC Cash Flow D047P
Date Of Birth: 2/15/2016
Sire: 221
Dam: 1211P
EPD’s BW: .3, WW: 18, YW: 36, Milk: 7, MTL: 16

SLC Over the Top Thunder D082P
Date Of Birth: 3/3/2016
Sire: 101
Dam: T56
EPD’s BW: .3, WW: 27, YW: 45, Milk: 1, MTL: 14