Troy grew up on a farm in northern Kansas. His dream of farming began when he was a young 4-Hers and then a member of the Mankato High School FFA. With the help of his father, Dloyd, he partnered with his brother Terrill in a custom harvesting business. This experience gave Troy the knowledge and equipment to start farming. When Troy and Julia established Strnad Land & Cattle, they started with just custom harvesting. Now they have the ability to do many types of custom work for farmers and landowners in the area. Strnad Land & Cattle have also joined the 20th Century of farming using updated versions of GPS in all the equipment. This tool helps save input costs.


Custom Harvesting: Strnad Land & cattle have a 9770 combine and a S680 combine, a 1000 bushel grain cart, and several trucks that can help get crops in. We have also added to our fleet at JD C690 cotton stripper.  They can do mostly all of the grains, such as wheat, corn, soybeans, and milo. Other support equipment and headers that are needed for the special crops is also available. Shelbourne CVS 32 ft stripper headers and 40ft JD draper headers are also at our disposal.

Planting: Strnad Land & Cattle now have 2 JD 1770 16 row planters with variable rate fertilizer and row command. These units can be used to plant corn, milo, soybeans, cotton, and sunflowers.

No-Till Drilling: Strnad Land & Cattle has been no-tilling their own ground for five years now. Their no-till John Deere 1890 drill is 50 ft. long and can be used to plant small grains, such as wheat, milo and soybeans. This can be set to plant it the way that you would like, such as in 15” rows, twin rows or solid seeded 7.5 ” rows.

Spreading: We have at our disposal a box spreader and also an air boom truck. These trucks will be used to apply dry fertilizer or lime.

Farming in General: We have been custom farming and farming ourselves for several years now. If you would like more information about share cropping or even cash renting, just e-mail or call us. We would be glad to discuss with you the success of your ground. If you would like some references we can provide those to you as well. We have access to haying equipment if you would like more information about that please call or e-mail us. If you would like to visit or be able to relive old memories of the farm, just let Troy or Julia know. There’s always a seat to ride on the combines or tractors. Things do change around the farm and you might like to see what farming is like now.